Natalie Tso

Natalie Tso

Natalie is a host and producer of Taiwan Insider, RTI's flagship program that features a variety of news, interviews, and features. She has interviewed countless fascinating guests on her programs about Taiwan and China. 

Natalie was awarded Taiwan's most prestigious broadcasting award, the Golden Bell, three times as well as several international awards:

* In 2011, she won Taiwan's Golden Bell Award for Best Program Host on Social Issues. Her human trafficking documentary Freeing Taiwan Slaves won the 2011 Best Current Affairs Radio Documentary by the UK's Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) and the Gold Medal for Best News Documentary at the 2012 NY Festivals.

* In 2013, Natalie's feature Classic Shorts, which presents Chinese stories and poems, won Best Feature at Taiwan's Golden Bell Awards and a Bronze Award for Best Educational Program at the 2014 NY Festivals.

* In 2013, Natalie's documentary My Days at the Mental Ward was named Highly Commended Current Affairs Radio Documentary by the UK-based AIB and won a Silver Award for Best Program on Health/Medical Issues at the 2014 NY Festivals.

* In 2014, Natalie acted in and co-produced Lost in Dutch Formosa which won Best Radio Play at the Golden Bell Awards and was named Highly Commended Creative Feature at the UK-based AIB. 

Natalie was on the jury for the 2013 and 2014 NY Festivals Radio Program & Promotion Awards.

Natalie is head of the English service at RTI.

Natalie is also a writer. She has been a contributor to TIME magazine and has written many articles on Taiwan.  She has also written two books: Free To Be You: A Woman's Guide to Dreams, Love, and Self-Discovery and Free to Love: 10 Keys to a Revolution of Our Love Culture.

Natalie has also been an English news anchor at Taiwan's Public Television Service (PTS).  

She grew up in California and graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Economics. 

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