Media literacy helps combat misinformation

  • 18 April, 2021
On the Line
TFC launches LINE (messaging APP) chatbot for users to check information and to reply questions instantly. (Photo by TFC)
On the Line
TFC launched a training workshop in September 2020 and was joined by on line by Eoghan Sweeney, open source investigation specialist and trainer. The event was co-sponsored by Google. (Photo by TFC)
On the Line
TFC and the local community college promotion association launched media knowledge training across 33 community colleges in Taiwan and the event won the sponsorship of Google. (Photo by TFC)

Summer Chen Hui-min, Editor in chief of Taiwan Fact Check Center said Taiwan Fact Check Center has helped organize some workshops to help teachers with media literacy. As young children and teenagers today rely on the mobile phone, instead of telling them what disinformation is all about, Summer Chen said you might as well just get them involved with the misinformation debunking work.