Fighting disinformation

  • 26 September, 2021
On the Line
Taiwan Fact-checking Center
On the Line
Taiwan Fact-check Center won the third certification from the International Fact-checking Network (Screenshot from TFC website)
On the Line
Twitter Radio Free Anhui (right/scam website) imitated Radio Free Asia (left) (Source ASPI/Screenshot from TFC website)
On the Line
Afghans fleeing at the airport (left/fake picture) an art work by Adrian Paci of 2007 displayed at the US Washington The Phillips Collection in 2019 (right) (Screenshot from TFC website)

Summer Chen, chief editor of Taiwan Fact-check Center (TFC) said during the pandemic last year, TFC debunked around 300 pieces of disinformation. Recently, there has been a lot of disinformation regarding the vaccine and the inoculation. Summer Chen said with the comeback of the pandemic in Taiwan in May, there has growing claims of disinformation and she said we have to fight not only the pandemic but also the infodemic. Infodemic is false or misleading information during a disease outbreak such as COVID-19. Infodemic destroys our confidence to be vaccinated, she said, adding that the spread of fake news regarding vaccination is spreading on platforms unheard of before.