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Status Update

Status Update is RTI's most interactive program, and your entries are what make the program exciting! Each week, we select letters from our worldwide listeners to read on the air. 

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What's On

12 January, 2016
Taipei as World Design Capital?

John Van Trieste and Shirley Lin fill you in on more events and museums to look forward to in the New Year, as well as a look at more from Jake Chen's ...more

05 January, 2016
What is Taiwan looking forward to in 2016?

John Van Trieste and Shirley Lin cover an interesting topic for the first Taiwan Top Ten of 2016: What are ten things that Taiwanese people look forwa ...more

29 December, 2015
Last episode in 2015

John Van Trieste and Shirley Lin are joined by Jake Chen as they talk about 10 of the bests of Taiwan Top Ten's number ones for the year 2015, on Stat ...more

22 December, 2015
Announcing winner for December!

Tune in to the second to last episode of Status Update in the last month of 2015 to find out who is the winner of top commenter on our FB page for Dec ...more

15 December, 2015
Decked in Santa outfit

What does a Chinese myth character have to do with Christmas? Find out on Status Update as John Van Trieste and Shirley Lin talk more about the list o ...more

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