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Jukebox Republic offers you a weekly dose of the best pop music in Taiwan but based on a mood or idea or theme, depending on what's current or trendy. Shirley Lin is your host, introducing not only the latest releases but also some oldies, in the many local Taiwanese languages and dialects.

What's On

25 April, 2022
Civil defense handbook

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin gives you the details on the recent publication of a civil defense handbook and what a particular political party thi ...more

18 April, 2022
A-mei making a comeback

After a seven year hiatus, Taiwan's Mandopop diva A-mei is back! She just finished a round of 12 concerts, but not without problems. This week's Jukeb ...more

11 April, 2022
Taiwanese-Australian artist wins award

On this week's Jukebox Republic, you can hear the story of the Taiwanese-Australian instrumentalist Matt Hsu coming to grips with internalized racism ...more

04 April, 2022
Hard to have savings

According to a survey conducted by the job bank Yes123, 20% of young Taiwanese workers have no savings. Learn more about it on this week's Jukebox Rep ...more

28 March, 2022
One more crossed on bucket list

On this week's Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin talks about her best friend's first oil painting exhibit, which turned out to be a great success. The eve ...more

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