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Jukebox Republic offers you a weekly dose of the best pop music in Taiwan but based on a mood or idea or theme, depending on what's current or trendy. Shirley Lin is your host, introducing not only the latest releases but also some oldies, in the many local Taiwanese languages and dialects.

What's On

03 October, 2022
No typhoons in 3 years

It's official...we've not had typhoons in Taiwan in three years straight! Is that good or bad? Find out on Jukebox Republic this week. ...more

26 September, 2022
Dependents > working population

A talk about how Taiwan's dependent population will outnumber its working population earlier than predicted, on Jukebox Republic. ...more

19 September, 2022
Vietnam month

On Jukebox Republic, hear about the Vietnam month at the National Palace Museum, the Southern Branch, in Chiayi. ...more

12 September, 2022
Soap box derby in Taiwan?

On Jukebox Republic, listen to songs like "a racing car", "getting rowdy" and "adventurous" as you hear about a soap box derby in its 9th year organiz ...more

05 September, 2022
What are the risks?

On Jukebox Republic, you get to hear songs from Li Rong Hao of Beijing and Usay Kawlu of the Amis people as Shirley Lin reveals a shocking study resul ...more

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