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Taiwan Insider covers the issues that matter to Taiwan! New video episodes drop every Thursday night, with audio available as part of the regularly scheduled programming on Fridays. 


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What's On

31 March, 2023
Taiwanese Cuisine

Insider chats with food journalist Clarissa Wei about Taiwan's most iconic dishes. ...more

24 March, 2023
Tsai and McCarthy

Insider talks with Tamkang University Professor Alexander Huang about the upcoming high profile meeting between President Tsai Ing-wen and US House Sp ...more

20 March, 2023
Foreigners Working in Taiwan

Insider talks to All Hands Taiwan and Jessica Stone, author of Crossing the Divide, about working in Taiwan and cross-cultural environments. ...more

10 March, 2023
Women's Day Art Show

Natalie Tso speaks with Belize Ambassador Dr. Candace Pitts about the women's art exhibit at the National Central Library, her career as an ambassador ...more

03 March, 2023
Taiwan's transitional justice

Tune into to see why the issue of transitional justice is so key to understanding Taiwan. ...more

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