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What's On

21 October, 2022
Xi Jinping and Taiwan

What does XiJinping have in mind for Taiwan? Insider speaks with Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council Michael Schuman, about Xi’s recent remarks and ...more

14 October, 2022
Insider: I am Taiwanese

More and more people in Taiwan identify as Taiwanese than ever before. We’ll be hearing from young people in Taiwan about why they say they are Taiwan ...more

07 October, 2022
Destination: Taiwan

It’s official! Taiwan is doing away with quarantine for inbound travelers starting October 13. We’re going to show you some attractions you might want ...more

30 September, 2022
Sailing Taiwan

Natalie interviews an 82-year old man who's sailing around Taiwan. In Hashtag Taiwan, Leslie talks about a Taichung business that's encouraging blood ...more

23 September, 2022
Deterring China

US President Joe Biden said US troops would defend Taiwan if China attacked. The US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee passed the Taiwan Policy Act that ...more

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