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What's On

11 November, 2022
Kaohsiung Harbor

Check out the new destinations at Kaohsiung Harbor in this episode. ...more

04 November, 2022
Taipei's Oldest Market

Taiwan’s borders are open and one of the must-see places are the traditional markets. Taipei’s oldest traditional market - Nanmen market is such a tre ...more

28 October, 2022
Democracy Under Attack: Taiwan Insider (RTI)

Democracy is under attack around the world by authoritarian governments. Natalie Tso speaks with National Endowment for Democracy (NED) President Damo ...more

21 October, 2022
Xi Jinping and Taiwan

What does XiJinping have in mind for Taiwan? Insider speaks with Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council Michael Schuman, about Xi’s recent remarks and ...more

14 October, 2022
Insider: I am Taiwanese

More and more people in Taiwan identify as Taiwanese than ever before. We’ll be hearing from young people in Taiwan about why they say they are Taiwan ...more

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