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What's On

03 June, 2022
Lawmakers Brawl

The US and Taiwan have launched a new framework for bilateral trade. Later, learn about the scuffle that broke out in the legislature this week ove ...more

27 May, 2022
Biden on Taiwan

President Joe Biden said the US would defend Taiwan if China attacked — and not for the first time. Staś Butler speaks with political scientist Kharis ...more

20 May, 2022
Avoiding Omicron

How can we avoid Omicron? Computational biologist Chase Nelson gives us some tips. Academia Sinica researcher Alex Teachey tells Staś why a new pictur ...more

13 May, 2022
Living with COVID

As COVID cases surge in Taiwan, Natalie speaks with NTU public health professor Chan Chang-chuan about how Taiwan can live with COVID. Emma takes you ...more

06 May, 2022
House of Sweden for Taiwan

The Swedish Parliament has approved a name change for Sweden’s trade office in Taipei. Swedish Member of Parliament Boriana Aberg tells Natalie why th ...more

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