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29 April, 2022
Getting COVID-19

COVID is surging in Taiwan and a member of the RTI team has it. Natalie talks with Stas about what it feels like to have COVID-19. Next, Emma takes yo ...more

22 April, 2022
Green Travel in Taiwan

We celebrate Earth Day this week and take a look at how to make travel more eco-friendly. Next, the defense minister responds to reports that China wi ...more

15 April, 2022
Insider: Sweden comes to Taiwan

Swedish and EU lawmakers are in Taiwan. Stas Butler speaks to co-chair of the delegation MEP Charlie Weimers. Later, learn about the defense ministry' ...more

08 April, 2022
Russians Helping Ukraine

RTI expands its shortwave Russian broadcasts to Ukraine and Russia and Natalie speaks with the head of RTI’s Russian Service about what listeners are ...more

01 April, 2022
Insider: Defending Taiwan

Natalie speaks with military expert Michael Hunzeker about what a territorial defense force would mean for Taiwan. Then, take a look at tracer round f ...more

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