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What's On

18 February, 2022
Taiwan’s Indigenous Roots

Today we take you to Taiwan's indigenous roots and indigenous people tell us about the challenges of preserving their unique identities and culture. N ...more

11 February, 2022
Fukushima Food Imports are Back

Taiwan is ending a 10-year-long ban on food imports from Fukushima, Japan, the site of a nuclear meltdown in 2011. Staś speaks with nuclear energy pro ...more

04 February, 2022
Happy Year of the Tiger

Happy Year of the Tiger! We take you to a Year of the Tiger exhibit at Taipei’s famous Dihua Street. Next, we hear from people in the US about how the ...more

28 January, 2022
The Growth of Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is a new green trend that’s happening in Taiwan - you can even try it on your own apartment balcony! Stas talks to our partners at VO ...more

21 January, 2022
Lithuania still stands with Taiwan

Despite questionable remarks by its president, Lithuania is still standing with Taiwan. Lithuanian MP Matas Maldeikis tells Natalie why in today’s sho ...more

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