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28 May, 2022
Highlights: Biden Defending Taiwan

US President Joe Biden has made global headlines for his remarks on the US defending Taiwan. Biden also elaborated on the US’s one China policy and de ...more

21 May, 2022

2022-05-21 ...more

14 May, 2022
Highlights: Surging domestic cases

Taiwan is learning to live with COVID. Now how concerned should we be about the surge in domestic cases? Natalie speaks with National Taiwan Universit ...more

07 May, 2022
Highlights: The House of Sweden proposal

The Swedish Parliament has approved the name change of their trade office in Taipei to the House of Sweden. What does that mean? The House of Sweden i ...more

30 April, 2022
Highlights: COVID at RTI

Daily COVID-19 cases have been hitting record highs and that has a lot of people worried. Doctors, though, are telling us not to panic and Taiwan has ...more

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