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21 January, 2023
Taiwan and Lithuania are buds

Our own Chris Gorin speaks to Lithuanian Member of Parliament Dovile Sakaliene on this week's Highlights. ...more

14 January, 2023
Extending military service

Itamar speaks to retired Admiral Lee Hsi-ming about Taiwan's plan to extend its mandatory military service on this week's Highlights.  ...more

07 January, 2023
Water-based solar

We take a look at new solar technology and other stories on this week's Highlights.  ...more

31 December, 2022
Best destinations

We tell you about our favorite destinations in Taiwan and more on this week's Highlights. ...more

24 December, 2022
Reporting in China

Natalie talks to former ABC China Correspondent Bill Birtles about the reality of reporting in China on this week's Highlights. ...more

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