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02 July, 2022
Reducing Plastic Waste

Chain drink shops in Taiwan will be required to offer NT$5 discounts to anyone who brings their own cup. Leslie talks to some owners to see what that ...more

25 June, 2022
What do Americans think about Taiwan?

Our partners at Voice of America interviewed Americans to find out theirs views towards Taiwan and China. Also, take a trip to beautiful Maokong to le ...more

18 June, 2022
Secrets of the Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel is one of Taiwan's most iconic landmarks. No foreign tourists have stayed there for two years now, since Taiwan shut its borders. But ...more

11 June, 2022
China's threat to democracy

Natalie speaks with Ian Easton, the author of "The Final Struggle - Inside China’s Global Strategy", to find out how big a threat to democracy China i ...more

04 June, 2022
The US-Taiwan Initiative

Taiwan and the US are finally moving forward on a new trade agreement. A new framework was announced Wednesday night. Senior government officials anno ...more

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