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 A weekly rundown of some of the most interesting reports brought to you by RTI. Watch along on Youtube if you like, or close your eyes and enjoy these stories by way of sound.



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08 April, 2022
Orchids, pig feed and defense drill

On this week's News Playlist, listen to reports on an orchid show featuring Ukrainian national colors, the spike in pig feed prices due to inflation, ...more

01 April, 2022
Railway bento boxes and infertility problems

Listen to this week's News Playlist to find out about railway bento boxes filled with delicious Taiwanese dishes and the more serious issue of inferti ...more

25 March, 2022
Hot air balloons and the Ear Shooting Festival

On this week's News Playlist, have a listen to reports on the hot air balloon festival in Yilan County and the Ear Shooting Festival after a hiatus of ...more

18 March, 2022
5-star dining on train

On this week's News Playlist, a look at fine dining on a new sightseeing train in Taiwan and the Taiwan stock market rally due to the Russia-Ukraine w ...more

11 March, 2022
US officials visit Taiwan

This week's News Playlist reports on several US officials and delegations visiting Taiwan in the past weeks, among other stories. ...more

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