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 A weekly rundown of some of the most interesting reports brought to you by RTI. Watch along on Youtube if you like, or close your eyes and enjoy these stories by way of sound.



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13 January, 2023
Taiwan Railway and EVA Air

On News Playlist, listen to reports on the Taiwan Railway's plan to remove child friendly carriages during Lunar New Year and EVA Air's ground crew pr ...more

06 January, 2023
Military conscription and lucky coins

On News Playlist, hear reports about the extension of military conscription for Taiwanese men and a temple gifting lucky coins to bring good luck in t ...more

30 December, 2022
Purple laver and mullet roe

On this week's News Playlist, listen to news reports on mostly food items in Taiwan. ...more

23 December, 2022
Threadfin, bridge, and hotpot

The words threadfin, bridge and hotpot made it into news video reports in the last couple of weeks in Taiwan. Have a listen to News Playlist to find o ...more

16 December, 2022
Sun Moon Lake, Kaohsiung Zoo and data leaks

On News Playlist, hear reports on the spectacular sea of clouds over the Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan, about the Kaohsiung Zoo opening up to visito ...more

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