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09 December, 2022
Xmas around the corner

On News Playlist, hear reports on the recent protests in China on the strict zero COVID policy and about the two Christmas trees already lit in Lishan ...more

02 December, 2022
More on elections

On this week's News Playlist, more reports on the recent local elections in Taiwan and COVID restrictions on going to the voting polls. ...more

25 November, 2022
On upcoming local elections

On News Playlist this week, you will hear reports on the upcoming local elections in Taiwan and the recent in-person meeting between US President Joe ...more

18 November, 2022
How to keep warm in winter in Taiwan

On News Playlist this week, you get to hear reports on what Taiwanese people eat to keep themselves warm during the winter and about a Taiwanese piani ...more

11 November, 2022
Elections and panda

On News Playlist this week, you learn about the upcoming local elections and Panda Tuan Tuan's latest health condition, among others. ...more

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