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 A weekly rundown of some of the most interesting reports brought to you by RTI. Watch along on Youtube if you like, or close your eyes and enjoy these stories by way of sound.



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23 September, 2022

On News Playlist, hear latest reports on earthquakes hitting Taiwan. ...more

16 September, 2022
Typhoons and campers

On News Playlist, hear news reports on recent typhoons that didn't quite hit Taiwan but brought lots of rain and disasters to some unfortunate campers ...more

09 September, 2022
Update on news reports

On News Playlist, a look at news reports from recent weeks, including a look back at how Typhoon Hinnamnor indirectly affected Taiwan. ...more

02 September, 2022
Chinese drones and kite watching

On News Playlist, hear reports on Chinese drones getting super close to Taiwan's outlying island Kinmen, and how some people down in southern Taiwan g ...more

26 August, 2022
Skydiving, pomelos and no typhoons

On this week's News Playlist, listen to reports about the growing popularity of skydiving, reaching three consecutive years with no typhoons in Taiwan ...more

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