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 A weekly rundown of some of the most interesting reports brought to you by RTI. Watch along on Youtube if you like, or close your eyes and enjoy these stories by way of sound.



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13 May, 2022
Vaccines for kids

On News Playlist, listen to reports on vaccinations for Taiwanese children and plane trips around Taitung, among others. ...more

06 May, 2022
Better recycling and island-hopping

On News Playlist, listen to reports on island-hopping trips for bird watchers, Taiwan's efforts to boost plastic recycling, and other topics. ...more

29 April, 2022
Vaccine for children and Hooke's Law

On News Playlist this week, you get to hear reports on COVID vaccines for children aged 6-11 in Taiwan and a very unusual dance performance using rubb ...more

22 April, 2022
Taiwan tourism takes a hit

On News Playlist, listen to past reports from Taiwan, including Taiwan's tourism industry taking a major hit because of COVID and parents worried over ...more

15 April, 2022
Mazu pilgrimage and a zipline

This week's News Playlist brings you reports on the Mazu pilgrimage which called for stricter COVID rules and a Kaohsiung park with a new zipline for ...more

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