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16 August, 2022
Palates Don’t Cheat?

[Chinese restaurants in Taipei means Taiwan wants unification with China] Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said Taiwan is part of ...more

09 August, 2022
Pelosi in Taiwan

[Highest-ranking US official to visit in 25 years] US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan on Tuesday night. Her arrival marks a historic mo ...more

02 August, 2022
Hashtag Taiwan

2022-08-02 ...more

26 July, 2022
Incantation 咒

[The 8th most-watched movie on Netflix] Incantation is a Taiwan-made found footage horror movie that excelled at the domestic box office. It was re ...more

19 July, 2022
Airport Escape (for Love!)

[Escape from the airport] A British man on a traveler’s visa couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Taiwan, so he hatched an elaborate plan to make i ...more

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