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12 July, 2022
Hashtag Taiwan

2022-07-12 ...more

05 July, 2022
Tainan’s Portal to Hell

[Any publicity is good publicity!] An art exhibition in Tainan drew widespread social media attention after religious groups voiced concern that th ...more

28 June, 2022
The Traffic Mirror Buddha: #Taiwan

[He’s cleaned over 150,000 traffic mirrors…for free] After witnessing a traffic accident at age 68, Chang Hsiu-hsiung realized the fender bender he ...more

21 June, 2022
Weird Taiwanese Houses: #Taiwan

[A piano in the bathroom] 22-year-old Chinese-Belgian YouTuber Ceylan stirred some controversy when he tweeted that Taiwan’s houses are ugly. In th ...more

14 June, 2022
Tsai and Her Rocket Launcher

[The president “blows up” the Internet] Last week, President Tsai Ing-wen visited a marine brigade to make sure Taiwan’s armed forces were ready to ...more

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