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07 June, 2022
Which Zongzi is Better?

[Northern or Southern?] As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, people are no doubt getting ready to eat plenty of zongzi (粽子), or sticky rice dump ...more

24 May, 2022
Remembering a Hero

[His name was John Cheng] In this week’s episode, we pay tribute to a man who saved lives by laying down his own.  Gofundme for Dr. John Cheng’s ...more

17 May, 2022
US State Department’s TW Fact Sheet

[A few minor changes…] On its website, the US State Department said that the United States recognizes Taiwan as part of China, and that the US does ...more

12 April, 2022
Cardi B Loves Meet Fresh

[Cardi B says it’s good for kids!] American rapper Cardi B put the spotlight on international Taiwanese dessert chain Meet Fresh a few weeks ago. Acc ...more

05 April, 2022
Fighting for Ukraine

[Taiwanese man signs up for the Ukraine foreign legion] Taiwanese people are doing all they can to help Ukraine. A dedicated bank account for taking ...more

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