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29 March, 2022
Nine Pretty Portraits

[Who are these nine people?] A collage of nine portraits circulating the internet may look like the cast of a sitcom from the '80s, but that’s not th ...more

22 March, 2022
Ever Given Part 2

[Ever Forward no more…] Remember last year when a Taiwanese cargo ship called the Ever Given jammed up the Suez Canal and cost the world US$60 billio ...more

15 March, 2022
Taiwan’s Captain Underpants: #Taiwan

[Not the hero we deserve] This week on Hashtag Taiwan: One man quenches his thirst for justice…even if that means doing so in nothing but his underwe ...more

08 March, 2022

[Taiwan very much stands with Ukraine] From politicians to artists and entertainers, people in Taiwan express their solidarity with Ukraine online. ...more

01 March, 2022
Gold Noise

[Money talks, but can it sing?] Cathay United Bank, one of Taiwan’s largest financial institutions, dropped an album on YouTube in late January, whic ...more

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