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22 February, 2022
Crazy Drone Shows!

[Lantern Festival 2022] Images of impressive drone shows at the 2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival are circulating the internet. 1,500 drones took flight a ...more

15 February, 2022
Taiwan at Beijing 2022

[Yes, Taiwan sent athletes to the Beijing Winter Olympics] Four Taiwanese athletes will compete in three sports at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. ...more

08 February, 2022
Lithuanian Rum and Chocolate

[Lithuanian chocolate…made from Taiwan cocoa beans?] A shipment of Lithuanian rum diverted to Taiwan from China is finally hitting store shelves on F ...more

02 February, 2022
Lunar New Year Goodies!

[Red envelopes, seed money, and wall hangings] Every Lunar New Year there’s good food and plenty of gifts. Leslie Liao tells you about some of the ...more

01 February, 2022
Lunar New Year goodies

Check out the Lunar New Year goodies that are going around this week as we welcome the Year of the Tiger in Taiwan. ...more

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