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07 December, 2021
Twitter War: China vs Lithuania : #Taiwan

[Lithuanian and Chinese officials are having it out on Twitter…] Because Lithuanian parliamentarians are visiting Taiwan. China is not happy about Ta ...more

30 November, 2021
Cross-strait Divorce

[A decade-long marriage ends...] Reportedly over cross-strait political differences. Taiwanese celebrity Barbie Hsu (大S) divorced her Chinese husband ...more

23 November, 2021
Weird Chinese Propaganda

China wants you to go to Taiwan in 2035] Leslie tells you why a Chinese video calling for people to visit Taiwan in 2035 creeps him out.  ...more

16 November, 2021
Singles’ Day Mayhem

[The biggest shopping day of the year in the entire world] What started out as a celebration for bachelors and bachelorettes has turned into a reason ...more

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