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02 May, 2023
News - 2023-05-02

2023-05-02 ...more

01 May, 2023
Taipower says they have reduced coal burning despite claims by Terry Gou

Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) says it has reduced its coal burning in the past few years, despite claims to the contrary by Foxconn founder and 2024 ...more

28 April, 2023
French warship passage showcases firm support for Taiwan: French delegation

A French delegation met with President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) on Friday at Taiwan’s Presidential Office. ...more

27 April, 2023
News - 2023-04-27

2023-04-27 ...more

26 April, 2023
China plans to use AI in cognitive warfare tactic on Taiwan: intelligence chief

Taiwan is closely monitoring the application of artificial intelligence, including deepfake technology and ChatGPT, in China’s cognitive strategies. A ...more

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