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Check out a wide range of fresh music coming out of Taiwan and learn more about the lyrics and background behind the band's inspiration. You don't have to understand Chinese to appreciate these awesome songs!



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28 September, 2022
Beats: Youth need political anthems

In the second half of an interview with Freddy Lim, an independent Taiwanese legislator and frontman for the heavy metal band Chthonic, Mr. Lim talks ...more

21 September, 2022
Heavy metal and heavy politics

Freddy Lim, an independent Taiwanese lawmaker and frontman for the heavy metal band Chthonic talks about the connection between music and politics thr ...more

14 September, 2022
Have a Nice Day: Album of the Year nominee

Taiwanese singer-songwriter Waa Wei (魏如萱) released her latest album "Have a Nice Day" in 2021, and its acclaim led to a nomination for Album of the Ye ...more

07 September, 2022
Beats: Song of the Year nominees

The 2022 Golden Melody Awards Show was hosted back in July, but now it's time to take a look back and appreciate all the nominees. This week's playlis ...more

31 August, 2022
Beats: Thank you, Abao

Emma continues to share music off of Paiwanese R&B singer Abao's award-winning album kinakaian. By incorporating classic folk songs of the indigenous ...more

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