Music Behind the Beats

Behind the Beats

Check out a wide range of fresh music coming out of Taiwan and learn more about the lyrics and background behind the band's inspiration. You don't have to understand Chinese to appreciate these awesome songs!



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13 July, 2022
Stay cool with chill vibes

Whether you're feeling the heat from the sweltering summer or Covid tensions, it can be nice to take a step back and relax a bit with some chill songs ...more

06 July, 2022
Beats to make you move your feet

Due to the pandemic, dance clubs may not be back in full swing in Taiwan, but this episode still celebrates fun Taiwanese music with fantastic beats t ...more

29 June, 2022
Electronic music in Taiwan

Taiwan may not be known as an international hub for electronic music, but over the past couple decades, Taiwanese artists have definitely started play ...more

22 June, 2022
Taiwan's alt rock

Taiwanese music isn't just about the love ballads and Mandopop you might hear on the local radio station... the alt rock scene is buzzing here too! Ch ...more

15 June, 2022
The album nominated for 8 GMAs: Depart

On this second episode regarding Singaporean singer Tanya Chua's latest album Depart, listen to the change in her music from thirteen years ago. Later ...more

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