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Behind the Beats

Check out a wide range of fresh music coming out of Taiwan and learn more about the lyrics and background behind the band's inspiration. You don't have to understand Chinese to appreciate these awesome songs!



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15 February, 2023
Beats: Meet Nina & John

Emma Benack speaks with the duo Nina and John, an American-Paiwanese married couple who have been playing together for 5 years all over Taiwan. The fi ...more

01 February, 2023
From pianist to music producer

Emma Benack speaks with Taiwanese musician Manu Chen about his development from a pianist to a music producer and his experiences working with musicia ...more

25 January, 2023
Beats: From covers to original music

In the second half of this interview, Emma Benack speaks with Taiwanese bossa nova performer Aivee Hsu about the meaning behind some of the songs on h ...more

18 January, 2023
Beats: Exploring bossa nova

Today’s episode features a music genre never explored before on this show: bossa nova. To understand the style of music a bit more, and what it takes ...more

11 January, 2023
The evolution of Taiwanese rap

During the second half of this interview, Emma Benack asks ethnomusicologist Dr. Meredith Schweig about common themes in early Taiwanese rap that refl ...more

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