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Behind the Beats

Check out a wide range of fresh music coming out of Taiwan and learn more about the lyrics and background behind the band's inspiration. You don't have to understand Chinese to appreciate these awesome songs!



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30 November, 2022
Behind Numcha's album 'Bloom'

In the second half of this interview, Emma Benack talks with Thai singer-songwriter Numcha about her experience traveling to the city of Tainan for th ...more

23 November, 2022
Thai singer Numcha comes to Taiwan

Emma Benack speaks with Thai singer-songwriter Numcha about her passion for music and how she developed her music career by working on her own before ...more

13 November, 2022
Renowned German conductor leads Taiwan's national orchestra

Emma Benack interviews Jun Markl, an award-winning German conductor about his experiences working with orchestras all over the world, and the challeng ...more

09 November, 2022
Next Wednesday Band (下週三樂團)

Next Wednesday Band (下週三樂團) is made up of three people who bonded over their connection with music: Chris, Sonic, and Iris. This interview explores ho ...more

07 November, 2022
Beats: What's Schrodinger's Call?

This episode is a continuation of last week's exploration of music by the all-girl, electronic trio Jade Eyes (孔雀眼). We'll take a listen to songs off ...more

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