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Behind the Beats

Check out a wide range of fresh music coming out of Taiwan and learn more about the lyrics and background behind the band's inspiration. You don't have to understand Chinese to appreciate these awesome songs!



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17 August, 2022
The Fur's final album

Indie pop band The Fur. released a second album called "Serene Reminder" in 2020 that has been praised for developing stronger beats, rhythms, and lyr ...more

10 August, 2022
Beats: The Fur.

Unusual for a Taiwanese band, The Fur. writes their songs only in English, with a sound that's meant to be "warm, fuzzy, and comforting" (hence the ba ...more

06 August, 2022
Best music discoveries this year

Emma takes a look back at all the new Taiwanese artists she's learned about over the past year that have been featured on the show and shares the song ...more

27 July, 2022
Beats: Just the classics

While Taiwan's music and industry trends have changed over time, there are some songs that last through the decades and generations. This week's playl ...more

20 July, 2022
Beats: Get unplugged

Electronic music is a major part of the modern industry today - however, going unplugged with acoustic-style music remains a classic favorite. This pr ...more

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