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Tomasz Koper brings you a weekly show on digital art and entertainment in Taiwan. Topics range from video games, to extended reality, electronic music, and even visual arts — a garden of nerdy delights.

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05 June, 2022
digitaiwan: Starting out as a streamer

In this week's episode of digitaiwan, Tomasz brings you part one of his interview with Hedy -- a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, artist, writer, and cospla ...more

29 May, 2022
digitaiwan: From Taiwan to Germany to Austria

In this week's episode, I continue my conversation with an up-and-coming digital artist from Taiwan, but based in Vienna -- Ting-rong Chen. ...more

22 May, 2022
digitaiwan: A lullaby for Kinmen

In this week's episode, I present part one of my interview with an up and coming digital artist explores the themes of collective memory, identity, hi ...more

15 May, 2022
digitaiwan: ... and then became an NFT

In this week's episode, I give you part two of my interview with Paul Farrell, who went viral when he had the Chinese characters for Taiwan tattooed o ...more

08 May, 2022
digitaiwan: The face that became a meme...

In this week's edition of digitaiwan, Tomasz talks to Paul Farrell, whose face went viral in Taiwan in 2017. ...more

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