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Tomasz Koper brings you a weekly show on digital art and entertainment in Taiwan. Topics range from video games, to extended reality, electronic music, and even visual arts — a garden of nerdy delights.

What's On

27 March, 2022
digitaiwan: The future of the scene

In this actual last part of my interview with Lars Berry we discuss the future of the electronic music scene, among other things. ...more

20 March, 2022
digitaiwan: Can electronic music make commentary?

This is part four of my interview with Lars Berry from the label Future Proof, in which we discuss whether electronic music can make social or politic ...more

13 March, 2022
digitaiwan: Fuzz, distortion, and performing in Asia

In this third installment of my interview with Lars Berry, we discuss some of the more difficult music offered by Future Proof, as well as performing ...more

06 March, 2022
digitaiwan: Musical geography of a decaying metropolis

This is part two of my interwiev with Lars Berry. Due to a technical malfunction (in my brain) I did not include the date of the event I talk about to ...more

27 February, 2022
digitaiwan: Electronic music archeology

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lars Berry from the record label Future Proof to talk about electronic music in Taiwan. ...more

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