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Sci & Tech digitaiwan


Tomasz Koper brings you a weekly show on digital art and entertainment in Taiwan. Topics range from video games, to extended reality, electronic music, and even visual arts — a garden of nerdy delights.

What's On

26 February, 2023
digitaiwan: Subtitles

In this week's episode of digitaiwan, Tomasz talks to Yunan, a professional subtitle translator. [CLOSED CAPTIONING NOT AVAILABLE] ...more

12 February, 2023
digitaiwan: Taipei Game Show 2023

In this week's edition of digitaiwan, Tomasz takes you on a field trip to the 2023 Taipei Game Show. ...more

05 February, 2023
digitaiwan: Live more digitally (anniversary special #2)

In this digitaiwan anniversary special, the gang talks about how easy it is to be constantly online in Taiwan and other aspects of their every-day dig ...more

29 January, 2023
digitaiwan: Every-day digital life (anniversary special)

In this special edition of digitaiwan, Tomasz talks about the every-day digital life in Taiwan with his Rti colleagues Emma Benack, Michelle Chiang, a ...more

22 January, 2023
digitaiwan: Nomads vs. bureaucracy

In this week's edition of digitaiwan, Tomasz continues his conversation with Andrew, a freelance scientific editor, who came to Taiwan at the end of h ...more

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