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RtiFM Online: Come Along!

Come Along!

Let’s kick off Monday with arts and culture related stories of Taiwan and beyond. Ready to learn more about some of your favorite festivals, travel destinations, or looking to have a taste of local life in Taiwan? Come along!


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20 March, 2023
Artist Tom Rook and his fascinating drawings of Taiwan (Part 1)

Hello, it’s Sharon. On today’s Come Along, I have the great pleasure of chatting with a wonderful artist, Tom Rook. Tom was born in Exmouth in the UK, ...more

13 March, 2023
Taipei City Underground Shopping Mall

Never ending shops, food, drinks, bookstores, seating area, free wifi, clean restrooms to use, dance studio mirrors (?!), where is this place? Search ...more

06 March, 2023
Taipei Guest House

We’re heading to Taipei Guest House today. It’s another historic building built during the Japanese Colonial Era in Taiwan. They’re only open on selec ...more

27 February, 2023
Taiwan's Presidential Office Building

Hey you, Sharon here. Look, if you didn’t have time to visit this building when you’re in Taipei, you would have definitely passed by it at some point ...more

20 February, 2023
Elephant Mountain

Get your sports shoes because we’re heading outdoors! Time to hike up Elephant Mountain.  Elephant Mountain is located in Xinyi District, the same di ...more

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