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RtiFM Online: Geek Out!

Geek Out!

What’s your cup of tea, tickles your fancy, or floats your boat?  Join Michelle and guests as we share passions from people in Taiwan and around the world!

What's On

25 May, 2023
Nicole & Arrow on Discord D&D

Tune in for the odd story of how Nicole, Arrow, and Michelle met and how, three years later, the former flew all the way around the world to meet the ...more

18 May, 2023
Issy Wells on Stationary

Issy is back in the studio to chat about her love of the analog way of recording our lives and plans!  Listen to how she and Michelle both grew up col ...more

11 May, 2023
Hans Breuer on his Journey into Nature

Hans, the creator of snakesoftaiwan.com, joins Michelle in the studio to talk about what started his herpetological adventures in Taiwan and eventuall ...more

04 May, 2023
Sharon Lin on Shadow and Bone

Sharon is back to share her favorite TV show, Shadow and Bone on Netflix!  Come listen to our love for fantasy genre shows, multi-faceted character de ...more

27 April, 2023
Tyler Gelbar on Game Creation

Pop in and listen to Tyler and Michelle get into the nerdy intricacies of running TTRPGs!  Game mechanics, the role of a Game-Master or Dungeon-Master ...more

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