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Geek Out!

What’s your cup of tea, tickles your fancy, or floats your boat?  Join Michelle and guests as we share passions from people in Taiwan and around the world!

What's On

20 April, 2023
Jonathan Chiang on Pets

There's nothing that makes a house more a home than pets!  Jonathan and Michelle talk about their own furry family and the ups and downs of being a pe ...more

13 April, 2023
Amanda Stephens on Myths, Legends, and Fairytales

Amanda, the host of RTI's Tales of Our Time, joins us in the studio to talk about her most fiery passion: storytelling in all its many forms!  Find ou ...more

06 April, 2023
Kim Gordon on Representation in the Media

Back in the studio, Kim and Michelle chat about being a nerd-child in the 80s and watching the media slowly get woke and give us the representation we ...more

30 March, 2023
Kim Gordon on Mental Health

Kim and Michelle get serious on a very important subject: mental health awareness and care.  We cover the differences between the US and Taiwan cultur ...more

23 March, 2023
Itamar Waksman on Cooking Indian Food

Itamar from our International News Team pops into talk about his love of food!  Specifically, we dive into the sourcing of ingredients, the actual coo ...more

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