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Join us on Friday to jump into a creative whirlwind. Want to know the dramas that have us hooked or the tunes that we’re blaring on the MRT? Music, film, art, and fashion - we’ll uncover all!

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21 April, 2023
Luna on being a Taiwanese DJ of Latin music

For today's epsiode of Uncovered we are joined by Luna, a Taiwan-based DJ who specializes in Latin music. Luna has played events from Taipei, all the ...more

14 April, 2023
Our top TV picks for April

We've all been there. It's a Friday evening and you're wanting a quiet night in. After flicking between various options you can't quite decide what to ...more

07 April, 2023
BLACKPINK in our area!

If you're currently in Taiwan, you won't have missed the news that K-pop group BLACKPINK recently performed in Kaohsiung as part of their Born Pink Wo ...more

31 March, 2023
Jenny Jamieson on her hope for Taiwan-Scotland relations

For today's episode of Uncovered, I am bringing you part 2 of my interview with author, Jenny Jamieson (陳韻如). Hit play to hear more about the Scottish ...more

24 March, 2023
Jenny Jamieson on uncovering the stories of Scottish women in Taiwan

Today on Uncovered, I am bringing you part 1 of my interview with Jenny Jamieson (陳韻如). Jenny is a Taiwanese-born author who has spent the last twenty ...more

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