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On the Line is a lively forum where important personages including local and foreign diplomats, policy experts, academics, and government officials, are invited to discuss current events and issues involving Taiwan and the world. On the Line broadcasts worldwide every Sunday (Taiwan Time) and is available on demand.

What's On

21 March, 2021
Internationally collected artist Patrick Lee

Even though Patrick Lee is a finance graduate from National Chengchi University in Taiwan, he has had passion for art and decided to become an artist. ...more

14 March, 2021
First reality show about African American in Taiwan

The EXPATS: The International Ingrams, the first black international smart reality show attracted 2.3 million views in just a month’s time after it wa ...more

07 March, 2021
Interview with Mr.Juan Luis Kuyeng Ruiz

How much do you know about Peru? Inca culture? Machu Picchu? But Peru is more than Machu Picchu and Inca civilization. Did you know that in 2019, Peru ...more

28 February, 2021
Mr.Juan Luis Kuyeng Ruiz from Peru Office

Mr.Juan Luis Kuyeng Ruiz, the director of the Commercial Office of Peru in Taipei said his office has been promoting bilateral trade and exchanges bet ...more

21 February, 2021
Mexican culture in Taiwan

Mr.Martin Torres, Head of Mexico Office in Taiwan said he has been actively promoting cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Mexico. The Day of the Dea ...more

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