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On the Line is a lively forum where important personages including local and foreign diplomats, policy experts, academics, and government officials, are invited to discuss current events and issues involving Taiwan and the world. On the Line broadcasts worldwide every Sunday (Taiwan Time) and is available on demand.

What's On

17 October, 2021
Interview: Rep Luxembourg, Tania Berchem

Luxembourg is a small country in western Europe and is the second richest country in the world ranked by its GDP. It is a multicultural country with c ...more

10 October, 2021
Interview with Judge Kenneth Starr

Rerun program Kenneth Winston Starr visited Taiwan in 2019 to attend Taiwan International Religious Freedom Forum. Starr applauds the democratic deve ...more

03 October, 2021
B.DANCE new production

B.DANCE artistic director, Po-Cheng Tsai and his group B.DANCE has toured 45 cities in 21 countries, with their 235 performances receiving multiple aw ...more

26 September, 2021
Fighting disinformation

Summer Chen, chief editor of Taiwan Fact-check Center (TFC) said during the pandemic last year, TFC debunked around 300 pieces of disinformation. Rece ...more

19 September, 2021
TFC uses social media and chatbot

Taiwan Fact-check Center (TFC) makes use of social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as well as LINE (a mobile messaging app popular ...more

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