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On the Line is a lively forum where important personages including local and foreign diplomats, policy experts, academics, and government officials, are invited to discuss current events and issues involving Taiwan and the world. On the Line broadcasts worldwide every Sunday (Taiwan Time) and is available on demand.

What's On

04 July, 2021
Forced closure of Apple Daily in HK

On June 17th police in Hong Kong raided the newsroom of pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily and arrested its editor-in-chief and four executives on su ...more

27 June, 2021
Taiwan and Argentina exchanges

The director of Argentina Trade and Cultural Office, Mr. Miguel Alfredo Velloso said there have been a lot of exchanges going on between Taiwan and Ar ...more

20 June, 2021
Argentina’s rep Mr. Miguel Alfredo Velloso

The bilateral exchanges between Taiwan and Argentina have been quite vibrant in the last few years. The director of Argentina Trade and Cultural Offic ...more

13 June, 2021
Taiwan Fact Check Center wins a badge

Re-run program Taiwan Fact Check Center (TFC) was founded in August 2018 and in just less than 3 yeas’ time, the center has gained recognition from t ...more

06 June, 2021
Prof.Edward Chen discusses Taiwan-China-US relations

Re-run program The Biden administration has planned to ease restrictions on diplomatic exchanges between Taiwan and the US and Prof.Edward I-hsin Che ...more

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