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We know it's impossible for you to come join us at the metaphorical office water cooler to hear what we talk about in the newsroom. That's why we created the program: Hear in Taiwan. Tune in every weekday for a panel discussion with the news team to learn about the stories that caught our attention but did not quite make their way into the nightly newscast.


Image: Kimmie Phan Stattman

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29 September, 2022
Football Stars, Drug Busts, Cancer Screening, and Pangolins.

Leslie and Emma talk about a big football star coming to visit Taiwan, a major cannabis drug bust, a new promising cancer screenin method, and a risin ...more

28 September, 2022
No more masks?

Taiwan may be loosening up its mask requirement soon. Those stories and more in Hear in Taiwan. ...more

27 September, 2022
Taiwan's First Female Lt. General, Receipt Lottery, Noise Pollution, and China's Ability to Invade Taiwan

Leslie and Natalie talk about Taiwan's impending first female lieutenant general, Taiwan's receipt lottery, noise levels in Taipei, and China's abilit ...more

26 September, 2022
Bears, trains, and naughty videos

In this edition of Hear in Taiwan, Leslie and Tomasz talk about broken trains, misbehaving bears, and adult habits among teens. ...more

22 September, 2022
Hear in Taiwan

2022-09-22 ...more

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