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We know it's impossible for you to come join us at the metaphorical office water cooler to hear what we talk about in the newsroom. That's why we created the program: Hear in Taiwan. Tune in every weekday for a panel discussion with the news team to learn about the stories that caught our attention but did not quite make their way into the nightly newscast.


Image: Kimmie Phan Stattman

What's On

07 September, 2020
Bats making a comeback

Join Shirley Lin and John Van Trieste on Hear in Taiwan as they talk about why bats are making a comeback at a bat cave in Taoyuan after two decades o ...more

02 September, 2020
Pangolin diplomacy, pet birds and pedestrians

Tune into Hear in Taiwan to hear about how Taipei is using pangolin diplomacy to build sister ties with Prague and its newest policy on pet birds, and ...more