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We know it's impossible for you to come join us at the metaphorical office water cooler to hear what we talk about in the newsroom. That's why we created the program: Hear in Taiwan. Tune in every weekday for a panel discussion with the news team to learn about the stories that caught our attention but did not quite make their way into the nightly newscast.


Image: Kimmie Phan Stattman

What's On

30 March, 2023
Snakes, Jay Chou, and Taiwanese jam

In this episode, hosts Shirley Lin and Brendan Wong discuss snake bites, Jay Chou making history, and Taiwanese jam winning awards!  ...more

29 March, 2023
What happened to the baboon on the loose?

Tune in to Hear in Taiwan to learn what happened to the baboon on the loose, whether there is solution for Taiwan's 'pedestrian hell' sidewalks, and w ...more

28 March, 2023
Insomnia, Din Tai Fung, and AI email help

Emma Benack and Chris Gorin discuss common causes and remedies for Taiwan's significant insomnia rate, the death of Din Tai Fung's founder (and what d ...more

27 March, 2023
Baboon on the loose, Firefighters make parody video, and TikTok hearings

In this episode, hosts Shirley Lin and Chris Gorin discuss the unavoidable topic of the baboon running around Taoyuan, a Tainan fire department that m ...more

23 March, 2023
Happiness, NT$6,000, and scorching hot weather

Join Itamar and Brendan today for Itamar's last Hear in Taiwan where we talk about happiness, NT$6,000 handouts, and the weather! Farewell, Itamar!  ...more

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