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Newsmakers explores the people behind the headlines. Get to know more about Taiwan's - and the world's - most prominent figures. Tune in to this short feature as we present the background and stories behind these newsworthy personalities.

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02 March, 2023
Chiang Wan-an

We take a look at Taipei City Mayor Chiang Wan-an and why he was in the news this week. ...more

23 February, 2023
Tsai An-li

Tsai An-li is developing Taiwanese Hokkien through some pretty creative ways. ...more

16 February, 2023
Hsing Yun

Buddhist master Hsing Yun passed away last week. We look at his life and why some saw him as a controversial figure. ...more

02 February, 2023
Petr Pavel

This week we take a look at newly-elected Czech President Petr Pavel and what his call with President Tsai means. ...more

25 January, 2023
Chen Chien-jen

We look at Taiwan's new premier and former vice president, Chen Chien-jen. ...more

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