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Newsmakers explores the people behind the headlines. Get to know more about Taiwan's - and the world's - most prominent figures. Tune in to this short feature as we present the background and stories behind these newsworthy personalities.

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14 December, 2022
Li Ke Tai Tai

This week we take a look at Li Ke Tai Tai and the controversy her new online class is creating.  ...more

07 December, 2022
Chen Chi-mai

This week we look at Chen Chi-mai (陳其邁), the ruling DPP's new acting chairperson. ...more

23 November, 2022
Laha Mebow

On this week's Newsmakers we look at Indigenous Atayal filmmaker Laha Mebow. Laha won Best Director at last week's Golden Horse Awards. ...more

16 November, 2022
Dwight Howard

This week we take a look at former NBA star Dwight Howard who has come to Taiwan to play for the T1 League's Taoyuan Leopards.  ...more

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