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Newsmakers explores the people behind the headlines. Get to know more about Taiwan's - and the world's - most prominent figures. Tune in to this short feature as we present the background and stories behind these newsworthy personalities.

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02 June, 2022
Newsmakers: Senator Tammy Duckworth

In this week’s Newsmakers, we take a look at a long-time supporter of Taiwan, US Senator Tammy Duckworth.    ...more

26 May, 2022
Newsmakers: Lee Li-fen

In this week's episode we take a brief look at Taiwan's Deputy Health Minister Lee Li-fen. ...more

19 May, 2022
Newsmakers: Dr. John Cheng

In this week's episode, we look at Dr. John Cheng, who tragically lost his life trying to stop a mass shooting. ...more

12 May, 2022
Newsmakers: Kuo Hsing-chun

In this week's episode we take a look at one of Taiwan's most recognizable athletes - weightlifter Kuo Hsing-chun. ...more

05 May, 2022
Newsmakers: TRA

In this episode of Newsmakers, we take a look at Taiwan Railways Administration, the country's national railway operator, and a recent labor union str ...more

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