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With In the Spotlight, you get to meet people from all walks of life, whether Taiwanese or foreigners who are living in Taiwan. Every week, they will each begin by telling a story that has impacted their lives. See how Shirley Lin guides them in casual interviews as they talk about Taiwan through their perspectives. You'll also learn about their "firsts" and "favorites" on the island. Enjoy getting to know Taiwan's greatest assets - its people!

What's On

19 January, 2023
A ring by Elias Neuspiel

Elias Neuspiel of Austria and Pei Wu of Taiwan are both stone jewelry makers. Hear their story about the art of stone carving and their dream moving f ...more

12 January, 2023
Jewelry makers of stones

On In the Spotlight this week, Shirley Lin talks with Pei Wu of Taiwan and Elias Neuspiel of Austria, who are both contemporary jewelry designers and ...more

05 January, 2023
Can Taiwan succeed?

Tony Rinaudo, an agronomist from Australia, is the Principal Advisor for Natural Resources, Food Security, and Climate Change at World Vision. On this ...more

29 December, 2022

Tony Rinaudo is an agronomist from Australia. He is traveling the world to revive as many trees as possible by teaching his farmer-managed natural reg ...more

22 December, 2022
A community center for all

On this week's In the Spotlight, Chiu Chen-yu, the Architect in Principal and the Director of the Taiwan Reyhanli Center for World Citizens, talks abo ...more

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