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With In the Spotlight, you get to meet people from all walks of life, whether Taiwanese or foreigners who are living in Taiwan. Every week, they will each begin by telling a story that has impacted their lives. See how Shirley Lin guides them in casual interviews as they talk about Taiwan through their perspectives. You'll also learn about their "firsts" and "favorites" on the island. Enjoy getting to know Taiwan's greatest assets - its people!

What's On

10 November, 2022
Health technology is priority

On In the Spotlight, Shirley Lin interviews the health minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Clair Prince who was in Taipei to attend the 20 ...more

03 November, 2022
Now hiring

Jack Wu is the founder of Worca, a one-stop global HR platform, for recruiting engineers and other specific talents in other fields, on In the Spotlig ...more

27 October, 2022
Work and orca

Hear Jack Wu talk about Worca, a one stop global human resources platform, on In the Spotlight. ...more

20 October, 2022
Environment, Social and Governance

Jonathan Ha is the CEO of Seneca ESG. On In the Spotlight, Jon talks about writing softwares for companies so that they can rate themselves on how wel ...more

13 October, 2022
What is ESG

Meet Jonathan Ha, the CEO of Seneca ESG, as he explains in detail what is ESG, which stands for Environment, Social and Governance, on In the Spotligh ...more

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